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Kaleidoscope nutrition was started with a passion for health, but with a focus on those who can struggle to even be able to get to those who can help. By running as an online based, video chat nutritional clinic, I aim to bring the benefits of nutrition and counselling for a healthy lifestyle to those who can’t attend an in person meeting, either due to their health or due to their location.

Having grown up with Fibromyalgia looming over me since childhood, I had developed a passion for figuring out both the clinical and natural medicine pathways available to someone struggling with this disease. Being a patient myself has led me to see that one of the key areas that was historically lacking was access and knowledge behind lifestyle management, be it physical fitness or diet and nutrition. This led to obtaining a post graduate diploma in homeopathy from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, followed by completing the Nutritional Consulting diploma program through Alive Academy, earning the designation of Certified Nutritional Counsellor (CNC). With a passion for also helping others with similar disorders, and being more recently exposed to friends and family with autoimmune and autoinflammatory disorders, the framework for Kaleidoscope came into being. Helping those with these disorders benefit from all the facets of healthy lifestyle management, regardless of their location in Canada.

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