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while my focus is on blogging, multi-person courses and speaking engagements, personalized one-on-one consultations are still available.  Please use the Book an Appointment button to see pricing and availability.

Fitness Nutrition

Jump Start Fitness Nutrition: New to having a fitter you, and want to make sure you are giving your body the best nutrition for your workouts and lifestyle? This service provides one on one counselling to ensure that your fitness goals will be fueled by the correct nutrients for your goals and your lifestyle. It will include discussions of macros, recommended supplements, how to balance what you eat across your day, and even review what apps may be the most helpful in getting you on track and helping to keep you there. 

Fitness Nutrition Counselling Session: this is a follow up appointment after having done a Jump Start Fitness Nutrition assessment, which will allow ongoing reviews, changes and improvements to your fitness nutrition plan to ensure you keep on track with the best nutrition for your lifestyle and fitness goals. This appointment includes a review of your ongoing results to date, and will help to assess and modify your nutrition routine as needed to keep up with any changes to your goals. 

Nutritional Supplement Review : This is a review of any dietary supplements you are currently taking and to discuss and recommend any changes to this regime. This is done as a stand alone appointment to review any gaps in an existing regime, without requiring a full nutritional analysis. It is recommended that this type of appointment only be booked if you are currently on a stable nutritional plan and do not require an analysis or update based on changes in your lifestyle or health status. Note that this appointment will require you to forward a list of any existing supplements you are currently taking prior to the appt


Nutrition for General Health

What would a nutritional consultant provide for you? : This is a short, one on one appointment to discuss what a nutritional consultant provides, and based on your on health and lifestyle, what seeing a nutritional consultant would provide. Note that this is a brief and high level appointment that will not delve into the specifics on what you would need to change, but rather the changes or improvements you could expect to see. 

Complete Standard Nutrition Assessment: Detailed review of current health status, lifestyle habits, and goals. This assessment does require intake forms, and a three day food diary to be filled out prior to the appointment. An initial assessment also includes research and preparation of a personalized recommendation, along with the first follow up appointment to review this customized approach. (follow up appointment is 30 min).


Personal Nutritional Counselling Session : At these follow up visits we will assess how things are going based on your initial assessment and recommended plan. In these appointments, we will review your current results, and continue to make adjustments to your protocols and address any questions or concerns you may have


Fibromyalgia and Auto Inflammatory Nutrition

Fibromyalgia 101 : This appointment is to review the basics of Fibromyalgia for newly diagnosed patients who would like a greater awareness of what the disease can mean from a lifestyle and diet/nutrition perspective (note this is a non-patient specific info session)


Complete Fibromyalgia/Auto Immune Nutritional Assessments : this is an alternate to the basic complete nutritional assessment, with a focus on the specific requirements and limitations seen by individuals with Fibromyalgia or Auto Immune Disorders. This includes delving into food intolerances and triggers, limitations due to common additional issues such as IBS, and to balance against common lifestyle issues such as mobility and fitness limitations that require modifications to diet to help manage.


Fibromyalgia/Auto Immune Counselling Sessions: this is an ongoing follow up specific to either Fibromyalgia or Auto Immune Disorder clients that includes ongoing reviews of changes to medications, changes in symptoms, and assessments of current progress and state of health to optimize nutrition to improve overall health.

Please note - direct billing for insurance is currently not available. Registration numbers for IONC and CANNP are included on all receipts. Please check with your insurance company to confirm their ability to cover services.
For pricing and appointment availability, use the Book Now button to transfer to my online booking site. 
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